The first step is to schedule an appointment for your on-site consultation. Before we meet, you’ll receive a packet including a questionnaire and a sample proposal. The questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about what you’d like to accomplish in your yard. How would you like to enhance your outdoor environment? Next, the initial consultation is a collaborative process. We’ll talk about your property, what works, what doesn’t work. Going over the questionnaire, we’ll discuss your likes and dislikes, wants and needs, wishes, and other specifics pertinent to your home. We’ll tour your property taking notice of sun, shade, slopes, soil conditions, views, existing plant materials and so forth. Shortly after our meeting you will receive a proposal with the estimated costs for your project. If this proposal is agreeable to you, this will become our signed agreement/contract and we will proceed. A date will be scheduled to visit your property to take measurements, pictures, and gather other information that will be included in the Base Plan/Site Analysis. Any measurements you can provide (i.e. plot maps, floor plans etc.) will help minimize the cost.

Using creative design principles and incorporating your specific issues, the Concept Plan will be developed. This plan will include hardscape items (decks, patios, paths, and garden structures), planting areas, and general plant ideas. This is when your input is vital. Don’t hold back, tell me what you like about it, don’t like etc. Any changes made after we agree on the concept plan can result in additional fees.

Your plan is ready! The Final/Master Plan will be presented to you. You will receive two copies of the plan, a smaller laminated version to take along when you go plant shopping, a detailed plant list with quantities of each plant to purchase, recommended sizes etc., sketches as well as other useful information to help make your new landscape a reality. Call today…why have just a yard when you can have a well designed GARDEN!

Landscape After

Landscape - After


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