• Trees are the backbone of a beautiful landscape
  • The right tree in the right place will give you summer shade, winter sunlight, and can cut your heating and cooling costs by 15-35%
  • Trees clean the air and reduce air pollution
  • Trees provide refuge for wildlife offering nesting sites, food and cover
  • Trees hold soil in place and reduce run-off into streams and rivers

Do you dream of a beautifully landscaped yard that...

  • Compliments the architecture of your home
  • Reflects your interests and personality
  • Increases your livable space
  • Integrates patios, decks, courtyards and more
  • Makes your landscape useful
  • Maximizes your outdoor assets
  • Minimizes your problem issues (drainage, slopes, and views)
  • Increases the value of your home
...then you may benefit from a landscape plan designed specifically for you.


Garden Specific Design, a residential landscape design company serving Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon. Using the philosophy of manageable maintenance, we will create a design that suits your site as well as incorporating your wants and needs.


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